Refund Policy

Refund Policy For Students

As a registered Private Career College, Liaison College adheres to the statutes and laws laid out by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.

Students who choose to discontinue their enrolment in a program or have enrolled and made payments towards their tuition fee, may request a refund. Liaison College may ask for your reasons to be withdrawing from the program for quality assurance purposes, however students are not obligated to give a reason for their withdrawal from a program.

Liaison College issues a refund within 60 – 90 days after receiving a formal refund request in writing. International Students requesting refund are required to present a letter of refusal from IRCC and/or a letter of withdrawing an application for study permit at the time of requesting a refund before their arrival in Canada.

International Students are encouraged to send their tuition fee payment directly to the college and not through a third-party account because all refund requests are returned to the account that the payment was originally sent from. Any administrative fees paid at the time of application and/or at the time of payment of tuition fee is non-refundable.

Students who have enrolled in a program and have started attending classes may also request a refund. Please be advised that all refund requests made after the classes have commenced would be considered based on the portion of course studies and the lapse of time that has passed since the classes began. Some requests may be honored with a partial refund, or a deduction on a pro-rata basis of the portion of course attended in comparison to the amount of the respective fees for the program may be issued.

The amount refunded against a refund request to Liaison College Brampton is subject to the following factors, albeit not limited to the following factors:

  • Program selected
  • A portion of the tuition fee paid
  • Time elapsed since the classes commenced
  • Total fees of the program
  • Equipment issued during program delivery

Note: We understand that circumstances may arise when a student would need to request a refund from the college. It is advised to all students to get in touch with an Admissions Representative or a Student Support Adviser when they need to make a refund request to confirm whether any academic penalties to their refund request would apply or not.

For any queries related to what is stated on this page, please reach out to the Administrative Team at Liaison College Brampton.