Chef de Cuisine

Program Overview


This program offers the combination of both Cook Basic Level 1 and Cook Advanced Level 2 culinary techniques. The graduates of this program develop creativity and the production skills necessary to work in the real world of fine dining. The Chef de Cuisine program includes exposure to a wide range of business topics essential for culinary business success. This trade program is the factor behind the 95% placement rate for the Liaison graduates. Our program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Duration: 50 Weeks (Breaks Included)

Topics Covered

  • Sanitation, Safety and Equipment
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Communications – Basic
  • Calculations – Basic
  • Kitchen Management
  • Food Theory – Basic
  • Bake Theory
  • Culinary Techniques – Basic
  • Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls
  • Communication – Advanced
  • Calculations – Advanced
  • Food Theory – Advanced
  • Pastry, Desserts and Related Theory
  • Culinary Techniques – Advanced
  • Cuisine – À La Carte
  • Techniques of Baking
  • Quantity Food Preparation