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Pathways in Canada - Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

Liaison College has recently signed a credit transfer articulation agreement with International Business University located in Ontario, Canada. 

Students completing Diploma in Business Management or Diploma in Business Administration with required academic standing may enroll into Bachelor of Commerce Degree Program at University Canada West with advance credits towards completing the degree at UCW.


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How does this work:

Liaison Program Pathway Courses Completed at Liaison College Partner Institution Partner Institution Program Course to be completed at UCW
Diploma in Business Administration 10 Courses University Canada West (UCW) Bachelor of Commerce 30 courses
Diploma in Business Management 20 Courses University Canada West (UCW) Bachelor of Commerce 20 courses
Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management 4 Courses University Canada West (UCW) Masters in Business Administration 11 courses

For more details, please contact admission team