Diploma in Business Management

Following are the details of the Agreement between Liaison College and University Canada West:

Students who have successfully completed the Diploma in Business Management with at least 60% in each course and with a minimum cumulative average of 60% will be granted transfer credits as indicated below.

Course transfers equivalent to 60 credits will be ranted for the following

Diploma in Business Management Courses UCW BCom Courses Credit Value
Financial Accounting Volume I ACCT 101 Financial Accounting 3
Financial Accounting Volume Il ACCT 103 Financial Accounting Applications 3
Business Computers CPSC 110 Computer Applications (e) 3
Business Communication and Research Methodology [ non - vocational elective] COMM 140 Business Communications 3
Business Law BUSI 325 Business Law 3
Microeconomics ECON 102 Microeconomics 3
Macroeconomics ECON 104 Macroeconomics 3
Introduction to Marketing MRKT 201 Marketing Management 3
Mathematics of Finance MATH 101 Business Mathematics 3
Introduction to Management BUSI 100 Business Fundamentals 3
Business Ethics PHIL 210 Business Ethics 3
Organization Behavior ORGB 201 Organizational Behaviour 3
Customer Service HSTM 240 Customer Service (e) 3
Operations Management OPMT 301 Operations Management 3
Human Resource Management HRMT 301 Human Resource Management 3
International Business BUSI 321 International Business from a Global Perspective 3
Management Accounting ACCT 301 Managerial Accounting I 3
Entrepreneurship BUSI 301 Entrepreneurship 3
Consumer Behavior ORGB 2XX (e) 3
Business Finance FNCE 303 Finance 3

In total, Liaison College (Brampton Campus) students who successfully complete the Diploma in Business Management will receive up to 20 courses or 60 credit hours towards the Bachelor of Commerce degree at UCW which consists of 40 courses or 120 credits.

Students may refer to UCW’s Academic Calendar for information regarding courses required to complete the Bachelor of Commerce