The Career College Industry

What is a Career College?

The unchanging fact about jobs and the future is that both are constantly changing. Everyone will be affected by these changes. The Career College Industry in Canada has long been established to respond effectively to any change in the career marketplace.

Average Canadian workers will change their job six to seven times over the course of their working lives. More and more, employers are only hiring workers who already possess the required skills. The competitiveness and experience of the restaurant and hospitality industry is reflective of these facts. Career Colleges that offer specialized post-secondary training are the answer to students becoming skilled and getting ahead.


There are well over three hundred and sixty member colleges in the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) in Canada. At any given times, there are tens of thousands of students enrolled in every variety of program being offered. It is a highly competitive industry. Private career education today is provincially approved and regulated. But private ownership and a competitive market motivate career colleges to respond quickly to the changing needs of business and industry by developing new courses and curriculum. The demand for quality career training from students and the workforce has never been greater.

Liaison College trains gourmet chefs and cooks at franchised locations across Ontario. Culinary school franchises help train students in one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada.

Liaison Colleges are owned and operated by independent business people who are approved by the Franchiser. Successful applicants have the professional business skills to operate a Culinary College. Each applicant, once accepted, is given an exclusive territory to promote their business. They receive training on operating our software system, community services, marketing and advertising, hiring teachers, following the curriculum, human resources and the day-to-day running of the College.

Anyone interested should have business experience to go along with their interest in the hospitality business.