Franchise Development

LIAISON COLLEGE provides complete programs in the development and start-up of your LIAISON COLLEGE Franchise. Qualified applicants receive expert advice and assistance in preparing a business plan and obtaining financing for start-up and operating costs.

LIAISON COLLEGE is comprised of committed professionals devoted to the development and success of an ever-expanding franchise network. Our Management and Staff deliver a ‘turn-key’ service in establishing every LIAISON COLLEGE campus to a selected community.

Every aspect of opening and operating a LIAISON COLLEGE campus has been addressed with the view to delivering the most professional package of franchise services possible. Careful selection of current and future franchise applicants will assure the growth and success of a system committed to excellence in the field of culinary arts and management.

Real Estate Services Site Development

LIAISON COLLEGE works with you to locate the best possible location in your protected franchise territory. Expert professionals review all lease documents and negotiate the best possible terms.

Our professional architects and contractors prepare site layouts and drawings for offices, lecture and kitchen classrooms, and other campus facilities, obtaining all necessary permits and construction certificates. 

Each LIAISON COLLEGE campus is opened fully furnished and equipped with the most practical and up-to-date materials and equipment designed to ensure the professional delivery of our programs. Each site reflects the unique image and utility of the LIAISON COLLEGE campus.

Training And On-Going Support

LIAISON COLLEGE provides full training in every area of operating a LIAISON COLLEGE campus. Each franchisee will spend two weeks at an approved LIAISON COLLEGE facility receiving instruction of the unique support and operating systems designed to successfully deliver our culinary arts and business programs.

LIAISON COLLEGE Operating Manuals have been developed to address all aspects of successfully launching and operating a LIAISON COLLEGE campus. Corporate Office support personnel ‘open’ your new campus with you and monitor your progress at every sage of development and growth. Your Corporate Office support team is a constant resource to draw upon in building your successful business.


Sales And Marketing Support

LIAISON COLLEGE has developed the Sales and Marketing programs designed to support your efforts in making your franchise a success.

The Corporate Office team delivers advertising that produces results, and advertising that generates valuable leads. Franchisees are trained in the sales techniques necessary to place students in their classrooms, and are provided with promotional programs that place their campus in the forefront of their community.

LIAISON COLLEGE is continually researching the needs of an ever-changing marketplace and meeting new challenges with up-to-date course curriculum, new advertising, exciting promotional programs and a professional, focused teams, alert to market changes and competitive challenges.

Standard Accounting And Business Operating Systems

LIAISON COLLEGE provides all of its franchisees with a standard accounting and cost control system for the financial management of the business. Standard business operating systems specific to the needs of running a career college allow for the efficient administration of your franchised business.

LIAISON COLLEGE has selected or developed easy-to-use, yes sophisticated software systems, utilizing the latest in high technology and computer hardware to deliver management information and control over every area of your business.

Full training and on-going expert advice and development of new systems and programs keep LIAISON COLLEGE on the leading edge of management in the career college industry.